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A Blast of the Past - Barsebäck Nuclear Power Plant.        "Fukushima is todays Blast" 


31 歳のスウェーデン人男性が、自宅アパートで原子炉を作り逮捕されたそうだ 。

放射性物質は通信販売で購入したそうで、また煙探知機からも手に入れたとのこと。この男性が原子炉制作に取りかかったのは 6 ヶ月前であり、研究の経過は特に隠すことなくブログにもアップしていたとのこと。逮捕のきっかけとなったのは、本人がスウェーデン原子力安全保安院にあたる機関に「家庭で原子炉を作ることは合法か」と問い合わせたこと。当局からは放射線レベルの調査に人が送られてくると告げられたとのことで、実際には警察も一緒にやってきて家宅捜索が行われ、逮捕されてしまったとのこと。




Itching for a challenging science project, two years ago Thiago Olson decided to build a small nuclear reactor. He had limited funds, limited space in his garage, and little engineering know-how. After all, he was only 15.

With a year of research and another of building, Olson pulled it off, joining a club of fewer than 20 amateurs in the world who are known to have created â€fusors,†tabletop machines that fuse atoms to produce energy. There´s no risk of a mushroom cloud-the machine creates barely enough energy to heat a cup of coffee, and radiation officials in Michigan (where Olson lives) have already deemed it safe.

How did he do it? Olson pored over graduate-level physics textbooks, studied vacuum-pump manufacturers´ manuals, and scoured the Web for cheap parts. Though mostly self-taught, he occasionally solicited advice on a fusion Web site. Once, he posted photos of a cheap photomultiplier tube he´d bought online because he had no idea how to rig it up. Another fusioneer on the site who had the same model promptly told him which wires went where. Amateur nuclear engineers are, it seems, a helpful bunch.

Now, his reactor up and running, Olson has turned to an even bigger challenge: college applications.

 ~”Teen Builds Basement Nuclear Reactor"POPSCI.com



原子力教科書 原子炉設計/岡 芳明



知っておきたい放射能の基礎知識 原子炉の種類や構造、α・β・γ線の違い、ヨウ素・セシウム・スト.../斎藤 勝裕



原子力発電 (岩波新書 青版 955)/著者不明